Let your roots go deep!

In this season of change and reset, let’s bring our hearts back to Luke 10:42 and as we set our hearts on Who Mary pursued, let our roots go deep in Him.

The deep cleansing power of the Word is what we need to thirst for-Psalm 42:1. The water doesn’t just satisfy the thirst of the deer, but it also provides a way of escape to the deer that loses its scent when it is immersed in water. In scripture, water is compared to the Word-Ephesians 5:26. This is a season to thirst for Him even more & immerse our lives in the living Word. As we do this, we will be able to escape the shame and despair of pursuing evils & move towards a holy lifestyle. Evil loses its pursuit of us when we are truly deeply rooted in the Word!
Let the living Word of God consecrate you, purify you and renew your spirit, soul and body, as you advance in this season (John 17:17).
Bless you advancers!

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