Thankfulness & Remembrance

We want to enter the New Year remembering God’s goodness and faithfulness. He has promised to walk with us all the way; our part is to continue to align our lives with His plans and purposes, no matter what!
As we advance into a new season, let’s continue to thank Him for His goodness, His deliverance and His strengthening!
We love Luke 1:37 from The Passion Translation-Not one promise from God is empty of power, for with God there is no such thing as impossibility.
Let’s move ahead in thankfulness, remembrance, faith and expectancy, conquering the unexpected and fulfilling the impossible.
Much love & Blessings,
Manisha & Natasha

One thought on “Thankfulness & Remembrance

  1. Amen !!! Thanking the Lord for our leaders who faithfully disciple, encourage,& guide His sheep 🙏🙌💐

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