Remember His Goodness in Tevet

What a powerful anointing we experienced as we celebrated Rosh Chodesh Tevet last Sunday.

Tevet begins with a reminder of God’s faithfulness & goodness to deliver us, that His deliverance is always at hand, no matter what. As you meditate on the goodness of God this month, let His light dispel all darkness from your life.

Remember & celebrate God’s goodness and be strengthened by His deliverance in this new month and as you do that, surely you will see His footsteps become your pathway (Psalm 85:13).

This is also the month when Esther came before the king & was made queen (Esther 2:16). Samson missed his destiny while Esther fulfilled it beautifully. Esther saved her people by risking her own life while Samson got killed by the very enemy he was created to subdue. Esther means “star.” In this season, many Esther’s will shine like stars in the night as they are brought before kings. 

God has a chosen path for your life and it’s not a path of darkness. When you walk in His plan for your life, your path will become brighter and brighter no matter the challenges.

Dan missed it, Samson missed it but Esther dismissed the plans of the enemy by risking her life to walk in her destiny.

Sons and daughters of God, who knows but that you have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this! Don’t forget to remember His goodness this month, how He has delivered you from darkness and brought you into the marvellous light of His Son. Perhaps He will use you or your descendants to save a nation, as you obediently walk in your destiny. 

Go forth in Jesus Name!

One thought on “Remember His Goodness in Tevet

  1. Thanking ABBA for delivering me from the valley of darkness into His marvellous light ! May His plans & purposes be fulfilled in and through my life. Expecting miracles from a Gracious Father !

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