This is a word of caution to the body of Christ-the enemy is trying his best to deceive God’s people, something he has been working on since the Garden of Eden. Be very careful in this month of Av and stay connected to the Word of God and in fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

The more time you spend in His presence the greater the level of discernment you will experience. Obey His Word and submit to the leaders He has placed to watch over you. A submitted life is always a fruitful life.

God has something so beautiful and glorious ahead of you, that the enemy is working hard to thwart it & make you believe it’s all a lie. Remember your Father in heaven is faithful to fulfil every promise He has made to you and yet again He will put to shame the father of lies.

Ask for greater discernment to recognise the counterfeits, the lies and the deception. Do not fall into the trap of the enemy. Cling to God, be intimate with Him, pursue His presence and see how He makes the crooked places straight for you. (Isaiah 40:4b)

Let your declaration this month be Romans 8:37 (The Passion Translation)
“Yet even in the midst of all these things, we TRIUMPH over them ALL, for God has made us to be more than conquerors, and his demonstrated love is our glorious victory over everything!”


  1. Amen Amen to the declaration in the Jesus’ Powerful name!!
    May we remain connected to God’s Spirit in every circumstance.
    May our Saviour strengthen us in every area of our lives & keep us in the palm of His hand always . Amen.
    Thanks for d heads-up Pastor👍
    God bless 🙌

  2. Yes, the enemy is busy working overtime to deceive God’s children, right, left & centre. But our hope, strength and focus is on Lord Jesus, and nothing can make us go astray. Spending quality time at His feet, provides enlightment and confidence to face the deceiver. Can’t spend a single day without being in His presence. Holy Spirit , help me to abide in Him 24*7, so that I bear much fruit,is my earnest prayer.
    God bless the work of your hands !

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