As you get into alignment with the timing of God, you will experience the release of a new anointing bursting forth through your life.

Position yourself in the Word and see His Spirit move powerfully in your life.

Watch Him catapult you forward in this new season. Watch Him perform His Word! (Jeremiah 1:11,12)

Worship your way through this month!

5 thoughts on “ALIGNMENT & ANOINTING

  1. Amen ! Worshipping my way through this month will surely jump start me forward. I can actually feel the Spirit working in my life.
    Thank you for the powerful word

  2. Amen in Jesus’ name!! Halleluiah 🙌
    Thanks! Much needed blessed msg from you…
    Path is being paved….Clinging on to The Highmost forevermore .

  3. Amen!! Aligned to His Word and expecting His will in every area of my life….Bless you too….

  4. Yes, aligning with God’s timing releases a fresh anointing. Worshipping Is the key ! Let us focus our attention on Yeshua alone !

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