STWC-The Revival Catalyst

Don’t Miss Revival Sunday!

One of our longstanding prayers has been-Dear Lord, use us and use this Church as a revival catalyst in our city and our nation! We have been greatly inspired by the different moves of the Holy Spirit in many cities and nations. Revival starts with one person praying and coming together in unity with others for heaven’s outpouring in their land.

Each time when people have come together with a hunger and expectancy – God has showed up! He moves the way He pleases and when He comes, there are healings and miracles; breakthroughs and encounters! This is what we are asking for this Sunday!

So, come saints, let’s gather together with a greater hunger for Him, seeking His Face. May ‘He rend the heavens and come down!'(Isaiah 64:1) May we experience the oil of gladness once again! Amen!


2 thoughts on “STWC-The Revival Catalyst

  1. Yes, Revival Sunday’s are the ‘Need of the Hour’ & I pray that the body of Christ is stirred up to bring Heaven on earth! God’s promise of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit In the last days, can only be fulfilled through a hunger for more of the Holy Spirit & obedience to His statutes.

    May The Lord bless your endeavours!

  2. Amen!!!
    Yes indeed ! when the hearts united in Christ come together praying earnestly then Heaven Responds !!!
    Wherever the Spirit is, Creation Continues !

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