Faithful Warriors & Friends of STWC, we have given our Pentecost Firstfruits Offering for the month of Sivan to ‘Vision for Israel’ towards the Millenium Centre in Jerusalem. Check them out at

We sow this as a seed towards a permanent place for STWC. What a privilege to bless an organisation in Jerusalem that is committed to serving the people of Israel. Genesis 12:3

As you have sown your best Firstfruits offering, we pray a great harvest in your own life. You will begin to see your life come into alignment with the timings of God-expect favour, increase and multiplication.


One thought on “STWC LOVES ISRAEL

  1. Thank you for sowing our first fruit seed .We earnestly pray for a permanent place for Spread The Word Church and we receive our miracle, thanking and praising our Saviour !You have made us radical lovers of Christ!
    Keep the lamp burning ! We stand with you !

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